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Social Mask

More and more people are wearing masks – allowing some a hint of self-expression amid the pandemic. The mask is the new ‘must-have accessory’ … but literally.

You must have it.

We Can Help

We do all the customization, antibacterial treatment and also, they're waterproofing.

New Horizons

100% cotton with many colours, sizes and printing available.

Reach New Heights

Non-toxic, ecofriendly and safe. Odor control, freshness and hygiene.

Fluorocarbon free

Delivery Time

After finishing the chosen mask and among the available models (available stock):


  • Per 1000 units 1 week (+1 if customized)


  • For 5000 units 2 weeks (+1 if customized)


  • For 10,000 units 3 weeks (+1 if customized)


  • Higher values - term subject to evaluation.
Social Mask

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